Menatelecom MyFi Hidden Pages

If you are a Menatelecom customer and have one of the regular MyFi pocket WiMAX devices (the Seowon Intech SWU-8000), you probably think it is featureless given it lacks many settings other routers have. Actually, the Menatelecom branding theme is what is hiding most of the extras! They have left the bare necessities to get any user up and running. The most complicated thing they have left are the port forwarding settings.…

Let The 4G Battle Begin!

Only days after Batelco announce a successful trial of their 4G LTE network, Viva comes out with a bang announcing that they will be showing their LTE stuff on the 1st of January, 2012. The difference?

Batelco were secretive about it, testing it in their Hamala HQ. Viva are making it public, at the City Centre mall, where users can experience it.

Batelco announces it as a trial. Viva as a full blown launch.…

Review: Menatelecom MyFi Internet Service

Last but not least (for a while I hope :-P), comes the review of the current Internet service I am using: Menatelecom's MyFi service. Thanks to the device, it is a great way to get online with multiple devices simultaneously, and workaround platform limitations (such as dongles not working with Linux for example) given you have WiFi. The technology is commonly known as MiFi. Powered by WiMAX.

Let me start by saying that Menatelecom is not the first provider in Bahrain to offer such a device to customers, in fact I believe Zain was the first, offering it for quite a while (can't seem to find on their site.…

Making VoIP Work with Menatelecom

I have decided to post this hopefully helpful guide to people on Menatelecom who are having problems with VoIP.

A short intro to the problem I was having (and if it relates to your). I’m currently subscribed to one of the home packages from Menatelecom. They provide you with a WiMAX modem that is also a router, and routers, due to NAT, end up hiding the devices behind your network from the Internet.…

Review: Viva Prepaid Broadband

It has been around a week since Viva launched their new service, prepaid (mobile) broadband. After seeing the ads in the press and on the streets, I decided to give them a try, after all for BD10 I’ve got nothing to loose. Before getting into the details, let’s compare the offers of prepaid broadband currently available in Bahrain (along with recharge options, screenshots from their respective sites).


Starter price: BD6
Credit included: Unknown


Starter price: BD30 / 33 (depending on which USB device, mykey1, mykey2 respectively)
Credit included: None


Starter price: BD24
Credit included: Unknown (e-Go device + data line mentioned in starting price, definition of data line?)


Starter price: BD10
Credit included: BD5

As you can see, Viva seems to be the most affordable at the moment.…

Menatelecom Unlocks

I’m not sure when this has exactly happened, but I found this out a few weeks ago. I decided for some random reason to visit Menatelecom‘s Motorola web interface (aka the WiMax modem, default IP I tried the default password: “motorola” and nothing, my hopes were dashed. I tried the next obvious password: “menatelecom” and bang the status page opens up!!

Yep, it seems like Menatelecom have finally unlocked their devices!…

Review: Menatelecom WiMax

It has been just over a month that I have been using a new ISP (switched from Batelco to Menatelecom). So far the experience has been great, but of course like anything there are pros and cons. I am subscribed to the 2Mbps, 12GB cap package that costs BD30/month plus BD3 for the WiMax device rental.

The device is simply a single port router (Motorola CPEi 750), similar to cable modems in some countries.…