UAE Here I Come!

Due to the recent unrest in Bahrain I decided not to spill the beans on something, just in case travelling might have been disrupted. My flight is in a few hours so I will try to be brief! I have been accepted to participate in Education Without Borders.

Last semester, one of my professors approached me with the idea of setting up a cloud computing environment in the university (one of my projects involved a cloud based MMORPG).…

Rename a Column Oracle

Midterms “season” has begun at university. So far 1 down (databases) few more to go this week and over the coming weeks. I already got the result of my databases midterm, it was way better than I expected.

I thought I had lost more than 2 points (yes I was 2 points short of a full mark :-P), especially in a the fill in the blanks part where I kept thinking “this should be filled here, oh wait no this looks similar as well, maybe its here, maybe here?…”

The exam had a practical part where we had to use Oracle, create some tables and run some queries.…