(Almost) End of the Year Updates

Oh boy where to start?!

For some reason, to me, this year seemed to have passed real quick. I know its still November, but before I know it, it will probably be December 31. This year was probably the bumpiest one yet for me.

Firstly, there were (and still are) all these revolutions going on in the region. As far as the subject goes I will stop there, I like to keep a politically free atmosphere.…

Day 1 at EWB2011

I will be sharing my experience at the Education Without Borders (EWB) conference I attended a few days ago in the UAE (Dubai / Abu Dhabi). I have decided to give each day a separate post rather than just cram all days in one. So let's get started :-)!

The first day at EWB was also the day my travel was scheduled. I woke early, and for some reason did not want breakfast but had something nevertheless.…

UAE Here I Come!

Due to the recent unrest in Bahrain I decided not to spill the beans on something, just in case travelling might have been disrupted. My flight is in a few hours so I will try to be brief! I have been accepted to participate in Education Without Borders.

Last semester, one of my professors approached me with the idea of setting up a cloud computing environment in the university (one of my projects involved a cloud based MMORPG).…