TRA Publishes Bahrain’s Internet Ecosystem Report (by Renesys)

The TRA of Bahrain has published a mid year report about Bahrain's Internet environment (or ecosystem). This report was compiled by Renesys, Internet intelligence experts. If you are into networking or would like to know more how your Internet at home is routed then you'll enjoy reading it.

Download it from the TRA here.

Some interesting points:

  • STC (aka Viva) is providing most of the upstream to providers across the country (66% of traffic going through them).

Bahrain’s New “Green” ISP

Within the coming months Bahrain will have a new ISP joining the market. The company will be called Greenisis and they already have a website up (a teaser for now). They are joining the green technology marketing trend since they will be using low emission equipment (hopefully no compromise on quality). They are backed by a company known as Kleos that "is a Telecommunications Company specialized in designing, building and operating the world's most advanced wireless mobile broadband access networks" (Kleos home page).…

TRA Releases Market Indicators for 2011

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (aka TRA) of Bahrain has today released market indicators covering the period between the last quarter of 2010 to 2011. It is quite an interesting read, especially since it covers an important period of time in Bahrain. Some of the information that may be found in this report are: market trends, telecoms revenue, telecoms employment and overview of different services amongst others. It may be downloaded from the TRA's website here.…

TRA Publishes Consumer Protection Guidelines

I thought it would be a good idea to post this for those who are not subscribed to TRA's email newsletters. They have published an updated consumer protection guidelines document, covering its purpose to what competitors should not do to consumers.

You may find it here:

In case you want to subscribe to their newsletter, visit (or if you are on their homepage, look for the "Register" button right next to the "Use Your Mobile Wisely" banner).…