The Sony PS Vita

A few days ago, I came across one of those flyers from Sharaf DG lying around at home (promos starting February 23rd). I have no idea where it came from, probably in some newspaper. Anyways, I turned the pages, looking at what they had on offer: laptops, phones, tablets, TVs, an ultrabook, few printers etc… Then I turned to the video games page and something caught my eye…

They were selling the Sony PS (PlayStation) Vita, the latest handheld gaming device out at the moment (specs here)!…

Console or PC? I Prefer Console

This post will be less of a comparison but more of a personal opinion thing.

Today, if you are a gamer, you basically have two choices on your gaming platform. It's either a console, or a computer (most likely Windows). They both have pros and cons:

  • The PC can push graphics further and have more processing power than a console.
  • You can easily upgrade a PC's individual components instead of buying a newer generation console.

Skyrim: A Game Worth Every Penny!

I'm not a hardcore gamer, neither am I too casual. I'm more of an in-between gamer, If I get the chance I would spend hours upon hours playing something, or spend some time doing other stuff and game. My platform of choice: the PS3 (The Sony PlayStation 3 for serious non-gamers :-P), after all "it only does everything" (credits to Sony).

When it comes to game genres, I really have no preference.…

PSN: Pictures Say a Thousand Words

One week of PSN down:

So PSN got hacked, but according to Sony it was just maintenance. Potentially a lot of people got their information stolen (maybe even credit cards), but it took Sony almost a week to find out.

Bottom line: GET PSN ONLINE PLEASE! Every minute PSN is down a gamer loses their life to sunburn……