Bahrain GP: Ferrari One Two!

Concluding the Bahrain GP, an exciting race, even though we don’t have all those surprises during pit stops (flaming fuel hoses and such ;-))!

Finish line was something like this:

  1. Alonso (Ferrari)
  2. Massa (Ferrari)
  3. Hamilton (McLaren)

Vettel had some problems with his car which ended his first position to fourth. Schumacher gained just 1 position from 7th to 6th.

Interesting fact: Schumacher’s debut (1991) was also 7th in the starting grid.…

Bahrain GP: Pre-Race Comments

Well, yesterday’s qualifying session was a surprise with Vettel getting pole. I bet even he was surprised himself! Tailing him will be 2 Ferraris, Massa getting second and Alonso third. Massa did a great job despite having been out of an F1 car ever since the almost fatal accident in Hungary last season. Unfortunately Schumacher is starting in 7th, I guess you can’t be the best immediately, after retiring for a while.…