Batelco Launches Prepaid DSL

Batelco has recently launched one of the firsts amongst DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) providers in Bahrain. Prepaid DSL, under the service name "Broadband for All". This is quite an interesting service, since it brings DSL to anyone that has a Batelco landline (which is going down due to mobile). DSL offers a better connection that wireless based services, so it does have that advantage. The disadvantage however is the speed (1Mbps), data transfer (1GB or 2GB), validity period (not much of a concern given the limit: 1 or 7 days) and cost (BD2 or BD4).…

Review: Viva Prepaid Broadband

It has been around a week since Viva launched their new service, prepaid (mobile) broadband. After seeing the ads in the press and on the streets, I decided to give them a try, after all for BD10 I’ve got nothing to loose. Before getting into the details, let’s compare the offers of prepaid broadband currently available in Bahrain (along with recharge options, screenshots from their respective sites).


Starter price: BD6
Credit included: Unknown


Starter price: BD30 / 33 (depending on which USB device, mykey1, mykey2 respectively)
Credit included: None


Starter price: BD24
Credit included: Unknown (e-Go device + data line mentioned in starting price, definition of data line?)


Starter price: BD10
Credit included: BD5

As you can see, Viva seems to be the most affordable at the moment.…