Viva Goes Double (and a Half)!

Good news to all Viva broadband users, postpaid and prepaid by the way! You will now get double (or half) extra data transfer for the same price for a limited, but generous, period of 6 months ;-). Postpaid users: if you were on the BD30 package (60GB) you will now be able to transfer 120GBs. Prepaid users: if you recharge with BD10 (7GB) you will now get 10.5GBs.

They also have a new broadband package for heavier users, for BD40 you will be able to transfer 100GB (or 200GB within this promo period).…

Let The 4G Battle Begin!

Only days after Batelco announce a successful trial of their 4G LTE network, Viva comes out with a bang announcing that they will be showing their LTE stuff on the 1st of January, 2012. The difference?

Batelco were secretive about it, testing it in their Hamala HQ. Viva are making it public, at the City Centre mall, where users can experience it.

Batelco announces it as a trial. Viva as a full blown launch.…