The Samsung 830 SSD

It's been a while since I've gotten my hands on some serious computer hardware, likewise it has been ages since I've upgraded either one of my computers. A couple of years ago I used to take my netbook since my needs did not justify carrying the much heavier notebook. Then I started working on some serious computing applications, from cloud computing to programming and virtualization, I needed something to help me work on the go.…

Console or PC? I Prefer Console

This post will be less of a comparison but more of a personal opinion thing.

Today, if you are a gamer, you basically have two choices on your gaming platform. It's either a console, or a computer (most likely Windows). They both have pros and cons:

  • The PC can push graphics further and have more processing power than a console.
  • You can easily upgrade a PC's individual components instead of buying a newer generation console.

Technologies and Gadgets are Backbones of Business, Healthcare and Education


The impacts of new technologies and gadgets can be seen from every modern appliance such as computers, cell phones and cars and in every sector such as education, business and healthcare and many more. This is one of the universal facts that new and advanced technology has not only provided benefits to database managers, programmers, network analysts and hardware engineers but almost every sectors of the world. One of the massive contributions of technology and gadgets has been observed in the field of medical science.…