Greenisis Launch Packages

Greenisis have finally updated their website with their broadband packages. For those new, their are using “green” technology, specifically MBWA (or IEEE 802.20).

According to their Offerings page, they appear to have 2 speed tiers (1 Mbps and 2 Mbps download, 345 Kbps and 768 Kbps upload respectively) that offer unlimited downloads (not throttled per service like other unlimited ISPs). There isn’t much information on the devices themselves on Greenisis’ website, but the images match those manufactured by Kyocera.…

Exclusive: Greenisis Sneak Peek

Just got an email from Greenisis (previous post on them), with a bit of good news for those waiting for their launch!

  • Their first shop will open next week, at the Manama Car Park building.
  • Plans start from BD15.
  • Last but not least: TRULY UNLIMITED (fingers crossed that translates to truly uncapped :-p).

The most important line in the email, and I quote: “We will be offering truly unlimited broadband from BD15 per month!”

I’m just as anxious waiting for the full details!…

Menatelecom: Complicated “Unlimited” menaHome Packages

A couple of days ago, I received an SMS on my phone from Menatelecom announcing their new menaHome (the residential tier of services) packages. According to the message, packages above 2Mbps are now unlimited (BD13 and above packages). I decided to take a look at their website (revamped lately). First thing I noticed is that they have definitely added more information (international rates, local rates, throttle speed etc…).

Now the bad thing is that it seems like they are offering more speed but the same data transfer for several packages (2 to 6Mbps).…

Viva Goes Double (and a Half)!

Good news to all Viva broadband users, postpaid and prepaid by the way! You will now get double (or half) extra data transfer for the same price for a limited, but generous, period of 6 months ;-). Postpaid users: if you were on the BD30 package (60GB) you will now be able to transfer 120GBs. Prepaid users: if you recharge with BD10 (7GB) you will now get 10.5GBs.

They also have a new broadband package for heavier users, for BD40 you will be able to transfer 100GB (or 200GB within this promo period).…

Bahrain’s New “Green” ISP

Within the coming months Bahrain will have a new ISP joining the market. The company will be called Greenisis and they already have a website up (a teaser for now). They are joining the green technology marketing trend since they will be using low emission equipment (hopefully no compromise on quality). They are backed by a company known as Kleos that "is a Telecommunications Company specialized in designing, building and operating the world's most advanced wireless mobile broadband access networks" (Kleos home page).…