The Pomodoro Technique

Over the weekend, during my studies I was surfing the Internet during my break. I must say that I usually go studying for an hour or two before taking a slightly long break (30 minutes or an hour :-P). I happened to come across an interesting technique for time management and being productive, known as the Pomodoro Technique. Pomodoro is "tomato" in Italian by the way.

The technique is quite interesting in that you work in what seems to be small shifts, known as pomodoros.…

Rename a Column Oracle

Midterms “season” has begun at university. So far 1 down (databases) few more to go this week and over the coming weeks. I already got the result of my databases midterm, it was way better than I expected.

I thought I had lost more than 2 points (yes I was 2 points short of a full mark :-P), especially in a the fill in the blanks part where I kept thinking “this should be filled here, oh wait no this looks similar as well, maybe its here, maybe here?…”

The exam had a practical part where we had to use Oracle, create some tables and run some queries.…