First Android App – Update 2

A recap about the progress I've done so far on my first Android app (Update 1 here).

After spending some time getting the visual layout done (or making it look ok on a screen), I've finally started playing around with actual code that does stuff. Android's developer's site is pretty good as a reference, although sometimes examples are lacking or simply not the complete thing to make it work with something else etc… I've had to rely a bit on external sources especially with stuff to communicate with a server (POST requests, response).…

(Almost) End of the Year Updates

Oh boy where to start?!

For some reason, to me, this year seemed to have passed real quick. I know its still November, but before I know it, it will probably be December 31. This year was probably the bumpiest one yet for me.

Firstly, there were (and still are) all these revolutions going on in the region. As far as the subject goes I will stop there, I like to keep a politically free atmosphere.…