Why I Decided to Switch to and Recommend Office 365 Over Google Apps

In the past I used to be a mostly Google person when it came to communications services such as email. In the collaboration front I wasn’t too fond of Google Docs. It was cool working on the same document with someone else at the same time, but I couldn’t rely much on it when it came to importing the widely used Microsoft formats. My uses were simple too, I just wanted to have emails coming through on my domain, connect to my account on my phone and whatever other devices I picked up along the way.…

Linode: After 319 Days of Uptime

If there is one VPS provider that I really like and use it’s Linode (ref link). In my opinion they are not over hyped or overrated, they do what they do best: offer quality VPS, have multiple locations, nifty features (such as load balancing) and most importantly the best (and quickest) support.

Recently Linode started a wave of upgrades:

  1. 20% increase in storage (December 2012)
  2. Network upgrade that included upgrading the transfer allowance (March 2013)
  3. Host node upgrades running newer Intel Xeon E5-2670 CPUs + 8 cores per VPS (March 2013)
  4. RAM doubled on all plans (April 2013)

After reading about the RAM upgrade and simply had to get my VPS running with all of the above (out of the above my VPS I was only taking advantage of the network upgrade).…

Google Drive: Too Late or Innovation?

It has been a few weeks since Google launched their new service, Google Drive and I decided to give it a try. I actually found out about it a week after it was launched. The signup process is painless if you already have a Google account since all you need to do is sign in. At the time I signed up however, the signup was not immediate and it told me that the service was not widely available yet but I would receive an email once I get "invited".…

My Linux Experience From Noob to Pro

The word is Linux. Some never heard of it, and probably think it is some hacking thing, probably hardcore MS users. Others heard about it, but didn't bother reading about it further, potential converts from MS. Finally, there are those that know what Linux is and have probably used it in one of its many environments (desktop, server, phones, routers, satellite receivers etc…). But, everyone was once a noob in anything, here is a bit of my experience on Linux, from my early days to present.…

UAE Here I Come!

Due to the recent unrest in Bahrain I decided not to spill the beans on something, just in case travelling might have been disrupted. My flight is in a few hours so I will try to be brief! I have been accepted to participate in Education Without Borders.

Last semester, one of my professors approached me with the idea of setting up a cloud computing environment in the university (one of my projects involved a cloud based MMORPG).…