Getting a PO Box in Bahrain

One of the underestimated or overestimated services that we have in Bahrain is the local post office. There is so much and so little that you can do at the local post office whether it is sending mail (snail mail to be exact), renewing your car registration, PO boxes and much more. I say that there is so little you can do mainly because you have no idea a service is offered through the post office unless you ask them or if someone tells you about it, mainly because there is no reference online on the services that the local post office provides!…

Riding the Red Bus in Bahrain

As most people in Bahrain have realized, we don’t exactly have a reliable public transport system that we can compare to those in other countries. I would say we’ve got an average of 2 cars per household, based on the number plates I see these days around half a million (I’m assuming the numbers are incremented serially) with 20,000 added yearly. Just about every Bahraini above the age of 18 has a license and probably drives a car.…

Ramadan Kareem (2012)

That time of year has come upon us once again, Ramadan! There are many reasons it's my favorite month (apart from the religious and spiritual context). Here are a few:

  • Vimto becomes the official drink of the month (Vimto gets the BIGGEST boost in sales during this month alone!).
  • Less work, more sleep (never managed not napping in the evening).
  • Some people are calmer, more friendly (note the word "some").
  • For some reason food is much tastier.

Goodbye Brazil… Hello Home

Today is my last day in Fortaleza, Brazil. Although I have not done much tourism wise (not exactly a tourist after all), I have enjoyed the warmth and hospitality of this great country. The past month and a half I met family and friends that I haven't seen for a couple of years, experienced rain that I have never ever seen in my life, enjoyed great food and simply relaxed.…

Bahrain Android App – Update 1

Here is the app idea I had, a Bahrain themed app! I was planning to have it done and in the market before Bahrain's F1 weekend. But progress has been at a standstill: technically I am on holiday :-P, I am more than lazy at the moment and some parts of the app probably needs me to be there (such as photos). Even though the design may leave little to be desired, I feel like a kid having accomplished something big (albeit small) :-D!…

Exclusive: Greenisis Sneak Peek

Just got an email from Greenisis (previous post on them), with a bit of good news for those waiting for their launch!

  • Their first shop will open next week, at the Manama Car Park building.
  • Plans start from BD15.
  • Last but not least: TRULY UNLIMITED (fingers crossed that translates to truly uncapped :-p).

The most important line in the email, and I quote: “We will be offering truly unlimited broadband from BD15 per month!”

I’m just as anxious waiting for the full details!…

When Weathers Collide

Here I am in Brazil (Fortaleza to be exact) and it seems like the week will be hot with lots of rain:

Then I compare the weather here with Bahrain's:

I wish the cooler weather was here, the rain is OK, but not the heat! Fingers crossed for some cooler weather next week, otherwise it will be mostly indoors for me… At least I've got Internet!