TRA Publishes Bahrain’s Internet Ecosystem Report (by Renesys)

The TRA of Bahrain has published a mid year report about Bahrain's Internet environment (or ecosystem). This report was compiled by Renesys, Internet intelligence experts. If you are into networking or would like to know more how your Internet at home is routed then you'll enjoy reading it.

Download it from the TRA here.

Some interesting points:

  • STC (aka Viva) is providing most of the upstream to providers across the country (66% of traffic going through them).

Menatelecom: Complicated “Unlimited” menaHome Packages

A couple of days ago, I received an SMS on my phone from Menatelecom announcing their new menaHome (the residential tier of services) packages. According to the message, packages above 2Mbps are now unlimited (BD13 and above packages). I decided to take a look at their website (revamped lately). First thing I noticed is that they have definitely added more information (international rates, local rates, throttle speed etc…).

Now the bad thing is that it seems like they are offering more speed but the same data transfer for several packages (2 to 6Mbps).…

Internet Pricing in the GCC

Every once in a while I hear someone commenting about the Internet in Bahrain: it is too slow, too expensive, not unlimited etc… They tend to compare it to one of our neighbors usually the UAE and/or Saudi Arabia. I would usually leave it at that since I have no first hand experience about the Internet in any other country of the GCC except Bahrain of course (neither do the complainers!).

From the comfort of my chair I can't really judge the quality of the Internet being provided in the countries around me.…

Batelco Launches Prepaid DSL

Batelco has recently launched one of the firsts amongst DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) providers in Bahrain. Prepaid DSL, under the service name "Broadband for All". This is quite an interesting service, since it brings DSL to anyone that has a Batelco landline (which is going down due to mobile). DSL offers a better connection that wireless based services, so it does have that advantage. The disadvantage however is the speed (1Mbps), data transfer (1GB or 2GB), validity period (not much of a concern given the limit: 1 or 7 days) and cost (BD2 or BD4).…