I Iz Referee! Respect Ma Authoritah!

Just had a glance at the latest match, Brazil vs. Ivory Coast, I hope the referee Stéphane Lannoy (yeah he was “annoy”ing) never judges another match ever in this cup. Ivory Coast breaking Brazilian players and sending off Kaka over a simulated elbow amongst other distasteful judging. Here he is in full glory (players run away when you see him!!!!!!):

To Keita: You should be in Hollywood!…

World Cup: Stressful

Yep it’s back again, the World Cup. It is unfortunate that Bahrain wasn’t able to qualify (it would’ve been in New Zealand’s group if qualified), but luckily for me I am half Brazilian. Yep, half 5 time champions, cup holders, stars on jersey etc… I am proud that my other half are the best around to compensate the second half, after all its not everyday you meet a half Bahraini/Brazilian.

In the past, pre World Cup 1998 when I was quite young the World Cup was something I looked forward to eagerly, I still remember the final match of 1994: Brazil vs.…

Bahrain GP: Ferrari One Two!

Concluding the Bahrain GP, an exciting race, even though we don’t have all those surprises during pit stops (flaming fuel hoses and such ;-))!

Finish line was something like this:

  1. Alonso (Ferrari)
  2. Massa (Ferrari)
  3. Hamilton (McLaren)

Vettel had some problems with his car which ended his first position to fourth. Schumacher gained just 1 position from 7th to 6th.

Interesting fact: Schumacher’s debut (1991) was also 7th in the starting grid.…

Bahrain GP: Pre-Race Comments

Well, yesterday’s qualifying session was a surprise with Vettel getting pole. I bet even he was surprised himself! Tailing him will be 2 Ferraris, Massa getting second and Alonso third. Massa did a great job despite having been out of an F1 car ever since the almost fatal accident in Hungary last season. Unfortunately Schumacher is starting in 7th, I guess you can’t be the best immediately, after retiring for a while.…

Bahrain GP: Practice 1 Review

First day (aka practice 1 and practice 2) of the Bahrain GP has ended. Of course with different results.

Practice 1

  • Force India got first in this practice session. Driven by Adrian Sutil.
  • The Ferraris got 2nd and 4th, Alonso and Massa respectively.
  • The reigning champion, Jensen Button lapped 5th with his team mate, Lewis Hamilton behind at 6th.
  • Schumacher didn’t exactly make a storming appearance (it has been a while since he’s been on the track), timed 10th.

Bahrain Grand Prix Incoming!

It’s that time of the year again here in Bahrain. It’s time for the 7th Bahrain Grand Prix starting in approximately 4 days! Those unfamiliar, the Bahrain GP is the Formula 1 race that has been held every year since 2004, when Bahrain became the first country in the Middle East to host Formula 1.

There are many changes this season, teams wise, track and of course rules and regulations.


  • Most surprising, Michael Schumacher is back!