My Conundrum of “What to Learn?” (in Programming)

Ever since I decided to take computer science after quitting finance and management, I always pictured myself working as a programmer at some company after graduating, then moving up the ladder until becoming a future Bill Gates, a geek with his own, successful, software company.

But, as is life, things don’t always go as planned. I graduated magna cum laude, applied for a job that was looking to hire an “Android developer” (had a few basic apps published as my “portfolio”) which I hoped would be my starting path to a successful career in software development.…

Self-Help Books That I Recommend

As I was going through the “dark night of the soul” phase of my life, I found refuge and comfort in something that I really enjoyed doing in the past: reading. However, I went from reading mostly fiction to full time non-fiction in the form of self-help books.

The great thing I found about self-help books is that there is one for everything in life, but not all will necessarily resonate within you and create an impact in your life.…

I Stopped Reading the News

Recently I have been attempting to do something a lot of people would struggle doing, stop consuming news (all media). The funny thing is I thought it would be easy until I realized that we are bombarded everyday with information that comes under the category of “news” making this challenge even more difficult. A few examples:

  • Social media: That person you are following that tweets things going on around your country or city such as accidents, crime and headlines from the daily papers.

Picking Up the Pieces After a Loss

When you lose a loved one like a close relative, their pain and suffering ends but the real work begins for the loved ones that are still alive. The real work being the mental afflictions that one has to go through. Everyone is different and everyone is allowed to be different in how they will pick themselves up, there is no cookie cutter method or recipe for this. After my experience with the loss of my mother I had no idea where life would take me.…

My Struggle With Grief

I’ll never forget that night when I received that dreaded phone call. I had just left the hospital for the night where my mother was admitted. It was late and I hadn’t eaten so I passed by a fast food restaurant close by. I arrived home shortly, since I lived nearby (about 10 minutes by car), and started to eat.

I’ll never forget the feeling I felt just moments after eating, right before getting that call.…

Goodbye a Not so Happy Year

It has been around eight months since I’ve lost my mother, a day that I doubt I will ever forget. In the heat of the moment everything happened so fast, from her death, to doing the paperwork, the funeral and the days that follow. To me it seemed like I was simply going through a nightmare, not accepting the truth of the matter. To me my mom was still alive but just hospitalized, a thought which sometimes helps ease my pain even today.…

Ramadan Kareem (2012)

That time of year has come upon us once again, Ramadan! There are many reasons it's my favorite month (apart from the religious and spiritual context). Here are a few:

  • Vimto becomes the official drink of the month (Vimto gets the BIGGEST boost in sales during this month alone!).
  • Less work, more sleep (never managed not napping in the evening).
  • Some people are calmer, more friendly (note the word "some").
  • For some reason food is much tastier.