Windows Phone 8 + Nokia Lumia Series

In the coming few days I will be going over Microsoft’s latest mobile OS (Windows Phone 8) and Nokia’s WP8 flagship phone, the Lumia 920.

Just to give a bit of an introduction. I have recently (only a couple of weeks) moved away from the openness and flexible mobile platform, Android, to a (hopefully) more stable and predictable OS, Windows Phone 8. I decided to go all out and got myself the hyped Nokia Lumia 920.…

GDN Pocket Edition App Released

One more app published, bringing the count to 2 apps! Get it from Google Play below:

Get it on Google Play

I tried to get the GDN's mobile site to an Android interface, allowing users to swipe through the newspaper's different sections. This app was quite the challenge since it introduced me to Android's support library which included something called Fragments. It took me quite some time to get even a bit comfortable with Fragments, mainly because of how I wanted to use it.…

Bahrain Cinema (Text Mode) App Released

Just published my first Android app in Google Play: Bahrain Cinema (Text Mode)! Get it from Google Play below:

Get it on Google Play

The app will allow you to access Bahrain's cinemas listing and get you the movie's show time and synopsis. Currently only Bahrain Cinema Co. (Cineco) is supported. Show time data and synopsis obtained from the official Bahrain Cinema website.

More details here.…

Google Drive: Too Late or Innovation?

It has been a few weeks since Google launched their new service, Google Drive and I decided to give it a try. I actually found out about it a week after it was launched. The signup process is painless if you already have a Google account since all you need to do is sign in. At the time I signed up however, the signup was not immediate and it told me that the service was not widely available yet but I would receive an email once I get "invited".…

Bahrain Android App – Update 1

Here is the app idea I had, a Bahrain themed app! I was planning to have it done and in the market before Bahrain's F1 weekend. But progress has been at a standstill: technically I am on holiday :-P, I am more than lazy at the moment and some parts of the app probably needs me to be there (such as photos). Even though the design may leave little to be desired, I feel like a kid having accomplished something big (albeit small) :-D!…

First Android App – Update 3 + App Idea

It has been a while since I've worked on my first Android app. The basic functionalities are working perfectly as expected. However, the provider I was using had some issues with their API, making my app useless for some time.

I hate it when something so tiny outside my control can mess an entire thing. As a result I am thinking of working on another app while my "first" app is on hold until issues are sorted.…

My Top 5 Favorite Android Apps

I've had my Android phone for almost a year and I have lost count of how many apps I have installed. Many of those remained on my phone for a short period of time, either because it was one of those one time use apps, not suited for my phone or just experimenting. Here is a small selection of those I have decided to keep (note: they are all non-games apps):