Self-Help Books That I Recommend

As I was going through the “dark night of the soul” phase of my life, I found refuge and comfort in something that I really enjoyed doing in the past: reading. However, I went from reading mostly fiction to full time non-fiction in the form of self-help books.

The great thing I found about self-help books is that there is one for everything in life, but not all will necessarily resonate within you and create an impact in your life. Some books will start changing your mentality almost immediately while others you may read it and toss it aside and later on may or may not use what you’ve read in that book and even reread it!

Below are the books that I have read and recommend. A few I have read more than a couple of times and some I have gone back to certain sections and read them again to reinforce their ideas.

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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich is probably the first self-help book I have read and it was quite interesting how I stumbled across this magnificent book!

I found out about this book many years ago when I was still in university (I think around 2010 or so). A friend of mine had it on his iPad and basically said something along the lines of “they say this book can make you rich in life even though it is so old”. I was skeptical, but the name had somehow inscribed in my mind. It was only around 2012 that I actually decided to read it and boy did it influence my life!

Basically Think and Grow Rich was written by Napoleon Hill based on his research on many rich folks of his time such as Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and others. The book is divided on principles that are guaranteed to lead you to success if you follow them. I would say this is an early 20th century version of The Secret.

I was astonished when I tried one of Hill’s teachings of writing on a piece of paper what it is you want and reading what you wrote several times. I wrote the job that I wanted after graduating from university, not long after I got an interview asking for someone with that exact job description!

I have read Think and Grow Rich at least 3 times front to back and have gone to certain sections on many occasions like you do with a reference book.

I highly, highly, highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone regardless of their condition in life! I’m a big fan of Napoleon Hill as you will see below ;-)!

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy

Did you know that you have 2 minds inside your mind? Most people would say that we’ve got the mind that we control consciously and the mind that controls everything else in our body without our direct intervention such as our digestion, immune system, heart etc… After reading this book you will come to appreciate even more the part that you think you have little control of, which is your subconscious mind.

In this book Dr. Murphy goes through defining the 2 minds that we have: the conscious and subconscious and how each functions. Most of our powers come from the subconscious mind, it is basically the most advanced computer, decision maker, manifester that is in our possession. He goes on to explain how conditions in our life come about due to our thoughts, that the subconscious mind accepts everything we feed it whether positive or negative, and works to make those thoughts real as we go about in our day to day. A pessimist will always have something going against them while an optimist seems to have everything going for them, it all starts in the mind!

The book is very practical in nature. After going through the science and theory behind the subconscious mind, Dr. Murphy offers practical applications on how you can gain control of your subconscious and make it work for you. He offers many short stories of how he taught people how to use their subconscious and the results they encountered after practicing his advice.

I would say this book is about the Law of Attraction for those that demand the science behind the Law and not some mystical talk about it.

Mind Power Into the 21st Century by John Kehoe

This bestseller is similar to Dr. Murphy’s book above where Kehoe focuses on the powers of our minds. Kehoe wrote the book after he secluded himself in the woods in a cabin that he built himself and put into practice his mind power techniques to prove once and for all that they do work. Shortly after his time in the woods Kehoe had this book and started sharing his teachings in the form of seminars all over the world.

The book is very practical and it does start of with a bit of “theory” on the mind and how it works. The techniques that Kehoe offers may seem contradictory to some, maybe even controversial. I recommend this book if you can truly read it with a very open mind and just entertain the ideas in it. Try out the techniques without any preconception or prejudice and see how it works.

I could tell you that the techniques in this book works, but try it for yourself.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie

Carnegie has written many great self-help books during his life and this is the most helpful book I have read by him.

The title of the book says it all, how stop worrying and start living. Perfect for all of you who worry about the little and big things. All the teachings and ideas in this book are of the type where you will say “I already knew that” and probably give up reading, but, have you actually tried to implement what you “already know” into your daily life?

Here are a few ways you can stop worrying based on the book (and probably what you already “knew”):

Live in day tight compartments, basically live in the present, forget about yesterday and don’t worry about tomorrow.

Acceptance, once you accept something, for example, some bad news or accusation against you, you can start working on fixing the problem or maybe even stop worrying completely about it!

This book is great for all of you that worry but believe when I tell you that it will only help you if you actually put it into practice. Yes, you probably know about all of this, but are you practicing what you know?

The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons by Napoleon Hill

Another great book by Napoleon Hill. If you really enjoyed Think and Grow Rich then this book will expand even further on the principles in that book.

This book was written before Think and Grow Rich and I like to think of it as a uncompressed manuscript to that book. Think of it as Hill’s research and notes before he decided to start writing Think and Grow Rich. It is a hefty book but is very detailed. It took me quite a few months to read and was one of few books where I actually decided to write notes on each of the lessons to get the ideas in my mind.

If you want an uncompressed Think and Grow Rich read this, but I highly recommend you read Think and Grow Rich before you load the heavy The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons!

Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

When I said I was a fan of Napoleon Hill I wasn’t kidding! The title of this book is quite a title, outwitting the devil?!?

The book is presented as an interview between Hill and the devil. Believe me when I tell you that will need an open mind as you read this book because it deals firstly with the “devil” and because Hill gives us the truths of why we suck in our lives. Punch after punch, Hill shows us how our fears, anger, jealousy, procrastination and more are robbing us of a more successful and happier life.

This is a powerful and, I would say, controversial book. But it is one which will let you see the truth of why you basically suck in life and what you can do to fix it (before it is too late!).

There are quite a few more books that I’ve read but these are the ones that have had a more profound impact in my life. I hope they help you as much as they did me.

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