Getting a PO Box in Bahrain

One of the underestimated or overestimated services that we have in Bahrain is the local post office. There is so much and so little that you can do at the local post office whether it is sending mail (snail mail to be exact), renewing your car registration, PO boxes and much more. I say that there is so little you can do mainly because you have no idea a service is offered through the post office unless you ask them or if someone tells you about it, mainly because there is no reference online on the services that the local post office provides! The only exhaustive, unofficial list of services that I could find was here.

The only times I visited a post office in the past was to pick up a large package, renew my car’s registration and get my renewed driver’s licence, other than that I rarely pass by one in my day to day.

Recently I decided it was time for me to get my own “postal office box”, aka the famous PO Box. Unfortunately I couldn’t much information online about the documentation required, or definite details on the price, so here goes a step by step for anyone wishing to get a box in Bahrain:

Source: Panoramio
  1. Take a copy of your CPR (smartcard).
  2. Head to the post office where you wish to get a box from.
  3. Fill out the form they give you.
  4. Pay BD30. It was split as BD15 for the annual rental fee and another BD15 for the “key placement” (I understood as, “changing the locks on the box”).
  5. If the postal worker is kind, he will guide you to your box and show it. My box is just below waist high so I can comfortably get my mail while standing. Note that some post offices have boxes all the way down almost hitting the floor, take that into consideration.
  6. Be patient. Unfortunately you do not get your keys immediately. It seems like someone comes by and changes the locks by the next day. I gave them 2 days just in case.
  7. Visit the post office again and collect your keys.
  8. Check for spam. I opened my box and found a bunch of mail, mostly junk like pamphlets, brochures, ads etc… But there was an electricity bill for the previous box owner.
  9. Profit!

I would say the entire process was pretty smooth and I didn’t really mind waiting for the key. Time to find some pen pals!

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  1. Thank you for the info! I wasn’t expecting to find much info when I thought about googling out how to get your own P.O Box in Bahrain but imagine my surprise when I hit your blog post! Thank you so much!

  2. Your info has helped me immensely.This is the only info I got googling about how to get a p o box in Bahrain.Thank You so much.

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