VIVA Bahrain and Microsoft in Operator Billing Agreement

Great news if you are a VIVA Bahrain customer and using a Windows Phone. VIVA and Microsoft have entered into an agreement to offer VIVA customers the ability to purchase apps from the Windows Phone app store and get billed through VIVA. Basically your app purchases can now be paid along with your bill, if you’re a postpaid customer, or deducted from your credit if you are a prepaid customer. No need for credit cards or linking a PayPal account.

Until recently this seemed to only be available for Zain Bahrain customers according to this MSDN entry. The list has not been updated yet with VIVA but I have confirmed that it shows up as a payment option in the store:


The only caveat is that you must change the region of your phone to Bahrain for the option to come up when you make purchases. You can change your region through Settings > Region > change Country/Region to Bahrain. Your phone will need to be restarted. The store will have prices shown in BD (in Arabic) and you may notice different reviews and different apps if you had it set to another region previously.


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  1. I don’t know if it’s worth changing my region to Bahrain and dealing with a (partially) Arabic store just to avoid using an online credit card. Then again, they don’t sell prepaid Windows Store credit here in Bahrain (or anywhere as far as I know) like iTunes and Play, so it might be the only option for some.

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