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Microsoft has recently unveiled its another standalone product Microsoft Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2 a few weeks ago. Both products have arrived with most advanced specifications and features. This means that Microsoft have launched this after great research on market behavior and consumers demands. Microsoft Surface comes with second generation processor which is lighter, thinner, and faster and more energy efficient. In this article we have done for Microsoft Surface 2, another standalone product from Microsoft Surface 2.


The Appearance of Microsoft surface like always have improved but Microsoft Surface 2 looks similar to Microsoft Surface RT. The design and processing have not changed. It also comes in a magnesium case, Microsoft referred to the material as “VaporMG “referring to the model from the previous generation. However, what’s new, This time there’s a new color, and this one is silver. Once again, the processing has improved a lot and its architecture is made excellently. It feels very solid and robust. Fingerprints or similar stick on the back are not so fast. Only the rocker for the volume shakes a little when moved by itself. Overall a very satisfactory appearance. One of the biggest problems of the Surface RT was the angle of the built-in kick stand. Someone put the Surface on your lap and thus perhaps wanted to work on the go, it could not because the angle was too steep. The Surface 2 now comes with a second angle. In addition to 22 ° the kickstand can now also be extended to 55 °. This is really well done. There is a considerable comfort.


The Surface 2 is a tablet that you will use most of the time horizontally. Not because applications are incompatible, it’s because the Microsoft surface 2 has widescreen display. It is made to use it horizontally. This is quite unique. According to recent reviews on different forums, Who ever tried to vertically, have quickly realized that it is quite uncomfortable. Keeping with a medium sized hand is difficult. The mass of 675g, you will quickly realize that when you hold the Surface 2 with one hand. The Surface 2 is 8.9 mm thin which is quite thinner than the surface RT. Other dimensions are identical. The Surface 2 has two cameras as like its predecessor, The one on the front page has a resolution of 3.5 megapixels. The angled camera on the back has a resolution of 5 megapixels. The quality of a tablet is good and attractive.

Battery, Memory and Price

The built-in battery is fully charged at 230V in 2 hours and 48 minutes. In an ordinary usage, it reaches 12 hours run time. We have Microsoft Excel, Twitter, Facebook, and Internet Explorer used to music and off and looked at a little video on YouTube. As for energy consumption, the Surface 2 is currently the best tablet. The integrated memory is either 32GB or 64GB in size. Depending on the version you pay € 429 or € 529. In the 32GB version, has 17.6 GB free space. This is clearly not enough, but fortunately you can use a microSDHC card and expand the memory to 64GB, which is quite comfortable.


The display is 10.6-inches in size diagonally. It comes with liquid crystal display and has great colors, viewing angles are ideal. The resolution has improved as compared to the previous models. The Surface 2 triggers on with full high definition instead of high definition. The pixel density is 207.82 ppi although not at the same level of the iPad, Galaxy Tab or Nexus 10, but it is quite sufficient. The touch control is very precise and works flawlessly. The display is bright and allows you to work outdoors.

Detailed Specifications

Manufacturer            —————-            Microsoft Corporation

Dimensions     —————-             274.5 mm wide x 171.9 mm high x 8.9 mm thick at 675g

Platform         —————-             Microsoft Windows RT OS 8.1

Surface           —————-             Microsoft Modern desktop UI

Processor        —————-              NVIDIA Tegra 4 Quad-Core processor

Short memory            —————-               2048MB RAM

Internal memory —————            32GB (17.6 GB free available)

External Memory ————–                       Up to 64GB via microSDHC

Interfaces             —————-         Bluetooth 4.0, Wifi 802.11, above 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz

Display Technology————–        Liquid crystal (Microsoft Clear Type HD)

Display Size    —————–            10.6-inch (= 269.24 mm)

Display Resolution——————-     Full High Definition (= 1,920 × 1,080 pixels, 16:9)

Pixel density   ————————— 207.82 ppi at 2,073,600 pixels

Primary camera    ———————– 5-megapixel

Secondary camera     —————— 3.5-megapixel


The Microsoft Surface 2 is a fast and durable tablet. It has an excellent hardware, such as processor, display, sound and many connections. The performance is worth mentioning, because it is good and the battery time deserves much praise. The integrated kickstand with its two different angles is really helpful. This is a great feature. Finally Microsoft Surface 2 is something Microsoft should rely on future endeavors.


This Article is contributed by Marion Grinder. She is professional Windows App Developer in leading application Development Company in Dubai. She has contributed lot of blogs and article of new website designing trends in the market and also market behavior.

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