What are the Great Pluses and Minuses of Windows 8.1?

It’s been quite some time that Microsoft has launched Windows 8 and now just last month (17thOctober 2013), the company was seen launching its advance version called Windows 8.1. The latest version carried some of the aspects of the previous Windows 8 version. Though it was seen with certain improvements yet was criticized for several flaws as well in windows 8.1 version. This has therefore compelled the users to first check both the pros and cons of this latest edition from windows. The below is the list of some of its great pluses and minuses, let’s check them out:

The Pluses

Handy Version

One of the important positive sides of Windows 8.1 version is that it occupies less space for storing it over your machine or mobile devices. As per experts and reviews it requires a very small storage hog as compared to the previous Windows 8 version. As per the company, the footprint of Windows 8.1 is very much smaller in size and would give you a good space of around 8 to 15 percent storage space over your machine or mobile devices.

Supercharge Search

One of the important features of Windows 8.1 is the simplicity and fast pace in which you can search anything using the same. Similar was the story with Windows 8 wherein you just have to start the screen and you could easily search for content, settings, apps or any other thing over the internet. But the fact is Windows 8.1 takes the same to a next level with the feature of Smart Search, which is backed by Bing. So the moment you search out anything, you can get instant results in the form of facts, pictures, maps, videos, and several other relevant links, which gives you an orderly buffet of info.

Smarter Multi-tasking

The idea of having several application windows open at the same time is a good idea, which seemed impractical for long and also in Windows 8. However, in the latest version of 8.1 it comes with a feature called Snap, which helps in resizing the smaller windows to any size you want with the help of simple finger swipe. With this feature, your multi tasking tasks become very much fast, which means that you can browse the sites while you have a conference call over Skype.

The Minuses

No Enhance Level Apps

Despite all hue and cries from the company, there were hardly any changes seen over the application side especially over the Windows Store in the current version of Windows 8.1.  In fact just two enhanced level applications were seen including Food & Drink and Health & Fitness. So nothing really new to enjoy with Windows 8.1 version!

No Great Changes in IE 11

The IE 11 found in the latest version has very little amount of changes, which is more or less similar to IE 10 with limited amount of changes in it.  A majority of features found in IE 11 are not at all found in Windows 8.1 version. As per experts IE 11 can be called as a big waste of time as nothing really tangible is being added in it.

Unable to Address the Problems seen in the Previous Version

Though you can notice certain cosmetic changes, additions or application upgrades in the latest version but it simply fails to address the basic problems evident in Windows 8. So, all the problems, which occurred earlier in the Windows 8 continue to thrive in 8.1 thus giving you a poor experience, which is just the opposite to the things claimed by the company.

Final Word

The newer version of windows seems to have hit the market with a big bang, however, before using the same, it is always recommended to check both plus and minus points. A few of these are discussed above.

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One thought on “What are the Great Pluses and Minuses of Windows 8.1?”

  1. Snap was there in Windows 8, though it has seen some minor improvements in Windows 8.1

    IE 11 continues to take strides in the correct direction, making it worthy update. They mostly focused on getting more HTML5 support, which is the most essential thing for all web browsers these days. IE has been lagging behind is starting to finally get closer to its competition, though still a far way behind. More info: http://html5test.com/results/desktop.html

    Unable to address the issues for Windows 8? Almost every change between Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 were the most requested changes from the users.

    In my opinion, you also missed some of the most important pros, which include some of the most tuted things about Windows 8/8.1, and some more serious cons.

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