List of Common Glitches in Windows Phone 8


Windows Phone 8 has made its best effort to make the Redmond’s mobile OS better than its earlier predecessor. But there is always room for more improvement. Here are some of the issues which have been reported by the users and we also try to find solutions to it. If the reader of the post has encountered a same problem but has dealt with it in a much proper way then feel free to post a comment of the solution below in the comment box.

Common Glitches with Solutions

Problem 1: Random Rebooting

There a number of Windows 8 users who are complaining about this problem. The smartphone will reboot automatically without any prior warning.


It’s always good to restart. Long Press the Power button and then a line will appear Slide Down to restart so simply slide down. The phone will restart. If the problem persists then replace the battery.

Problem 2: Auto Brightness

People using Nokia Lumia 920 has complained about fluctuation in the brightness of the phone. The handset seems to flicker to find the correct brightness setting.


Disable the auto brightness option and set the handset to medium brightness.

Problem 3: Fast Draining of Battery

Many of the users have complained drying of the battery very soon in Nokia Lumia 920.


Turn of NFC, Wi-Fi, and mobile data if not in use. Try to uninstall and then re install apps like Facebook, Skype. There are many apps that consume a lot of battery. Try to remove those apps. The brightness of the battery should be maintained to an optimal level. Working on these issues will help you solve the issue.

Problem 4: Sync Option not Working

There are reports that sync doesn’t work properly and people can’t receive or send emails or text. There are users who claim that this particular issue has also affected their contacts and other accounts in the mobile. The reason for it may be due to the app Skype.


Uninstall the Skype app and then sync all the accounts. If it’s not go well then turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data and restart the device.

Problem 5: Screen Freeze

If you Windows Phone 8 seem to be freezed sometimes and the touch screen does not work properly then you are not alone in this world. The issue may be due to various causes but the answer to the solution is same.


Press and hold the down button of Volume and Power button simultaneously for about 10 seconds. The phone will restart and after that it would work normal. If the problem of the phone still persists then update the phone entirely.


So these were the five major glitches the Microsoft needs to be sorted out. Are these the only problems? Not definitely. But these are the major ones. If you have encountered any Windows Phone 8 problem then feel free to post it in the comment box.

Well BlackBerry is going down and Android and iOS are far ahead in the market. The Microsoft has built a solid foundation through Windows 8. It would be interesting to see how they build on it.

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