Linode: After 319 Days of Uptime

If there is one VPS provider that I really like and use it’s Linode (ref link). In my opinion they are not over hyped or overrated, they do what they do best: offer quality VPS, have multiple locations, nifty features (such as load balancing) and most importantly the best (and quickest) support.

Recently Linode started a wave of upgrades:

  1. 20% increase in storage (December 2012)
  2. Network upgrade that included upgrading the transfer allowance (March 2013)
  3. Host node upgrades running newer Intel Xeon E5-2670 CPUs + 8 cores per VPS (March 2013)
  4. RAM doubled on all plans (April 2013)

After reading about the RAM upgrade and simply had to get my VPS running with all of the above (out of the above my VPS I was only taking advantage of the network upgrade). I made the difficult decision to sacrifice my 319 days of uptime :-(…


I started off with the disk upgrade which took my VPS offline for a few minutes while I resized the HDD and restarted the Linode. Then I decided to go through the migration to the new host nodes running the newer processors (aka 8 cores + double RAM).

15 minutes later, my VPS is safely back up, running on new hardware, with more RAM, disk space and bandwidth :-D!

I wonder what else Linode have under their sleeves…?

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