Linode’s Clairvoyant Support Team

I swear Linode's (shameless referral linking :-p) support team have a crystal ball or something on their desks! So a couple of days ago my VPS at Linode was going up and down then down for a few minutes. I decided to send in a ticket wondering if there was some issue going on. Just have a look at the timestamps:

Yes, that is a reply to my question 7 SECONDS after I opened the ticket! You don't even find canned responses that quick! Oh and my Linode VPS was back up and running when I got the reply. So not only was it a response, it was also a resolution!

One of many reasons I recommend Linode if you are ever looking for a VERY reliable VPS (they use Xen).

This is not the first time I write about them: here is a review I wrote about them and another about their uptime. I wonder if they're better than Rackspace's Fanatical Support? Wouldn't be surprised, they definitely beat Liquid Web's Heroic Support!



2 thoughts on “Linode’s Clairvoyant Support Team”

  1. Yes, i know linode, they are great . I don’t have experience with Xen, but if i will not find KVM provider, i will go with Linode. 1. Best OpenVZ provider in UK – IntoVPS 2. Best Xen provider in UK – Linode 3. Best KVM provider in UK – ?

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