Connectify Dispatch: Revolutionizing Connectivity

If you have been following one of the big tech blogs/sites or Connectify (@Connectifyme) you may have come across the word "Dispatch". So what exactly is this thing called "Dispatch" and what does it have to do with Connectify?

For those of you who don't know Connectify: they created the software that allows you to share your connection (Wifi, LAN, 3G you name it) to others using WiFi. Basically the Connectify software turns your PC into a router! Great for extending your home's WiFi network, or sharing that expensive hotel Internet access to your other devices.

Connectify have recently started a new project, this thing called Dispatch. According to them, Dispatch will allow you to "use all of your available Internet connections at once to maximize speed and reliability". Let's use an example and apply it to what Dispatch aims to do. At home I currently have a WiFi connection to ISP 1 (at 1 Mbps), LAN to ISP 2 (2 Mbps) and a 3G dongle (up to 42 Mbps). Dispatch will allow me to combine all these connection into a single super connection with the speed combined! So theoretically my Internet pipe using Dispatch could reach 45 Mbps.

The idea is not new, this is sort of what channel bonding (common in DSL) and link aggregation does anyway (or at least I think). However, they are not easy to configure, may or may not work with certain hardware and a ton of other variables that simply makes it not for the layman PC user. Dispatch hoped to make it a breeze.

Connectify are currently running a Kickstarter project to gather funds ($50,000) to develop Dispatch. Don't worry, if you contribute you get some goodies depending on how much you pledge, from a Connectify license to working with the design team making your own skin ;-).

I sure am interested in trying out Dispatch when it comes, especially when I'm downtown!

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  1. I’m really loving this feature that so many are starting to create all of the sudden! There’s an app for it on Android (WiFi + 3G combo only, no USB as far as I know) and I heard it’s going to be a feature of iOS 6. Now computers are getting it too? That’s great! Can’t wait for it to just be a standard feature on all OSes. 😀

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