GDN Pocket Edition App Released

One more app published, bringing the count to 2 apps! Get it from Google Play below:

Get it on Google Play

I tried to get the GDN's mobile site to an Android interface, allowing users to swipe through the newspaper's different sections. This app was quite the challenge since it introduced me to Android's support library which included something called Fragments. It took me quite some time to get even a bit comfortable with Fragments, mainly because of how I wanted to use it. It might be a bit buggy, so any feedback is greatly appreciated :-)! More details here.

2 thoughts on “GDN Pocket Edition App Released”

  1. Update?

    This was my favorite Bahraini app but it wasn’t updated for a long time. Now, it contains a lot of bugs and loading issues. Please try to find some time to fix it.

  2. Hello Mohammed,

    Unfortunately I decided to jump ship and start developing apps for Windows Phone. Since the app is too buggy with too many issues I will be pulling it out of the store.

    I do plan on making some cross platform apps, so there is a chance it might come back in the future.

    Thanks for trying out one of the first apps I ever developed :-)!


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