TRA Publishes Bahrain’s Internet Ecosystem Report (by Renesys)

The TRA of Bahrain has published a mid year report about Bahrain's Internet environment (or ecosystem). This report was compiled by Renesys, Internet intelligence experts. If you are into networking or would like to know more how your Internet at home is routed then you'll enjoy reading it.

Download it from the TRA here.

Some interesting points:

  • STC (aka Viva) is providing most of the upstream to providers across the country (66% of traffic going through them). This is good because STC in Saudi Arabia transit with MANY connectivity providers (Level 3, Tinet, Tata amongst others).
  • Many ISPs are have now single-homed to STC or BIX.
  • The bad, Bahrain is the ONLY country in the GCC that does not have a single IPv6 network…

Hopefully the next report will contain some information about newcomer Greenisis.

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