Bahrain Cinema (Text Mode) App Released

Just published my first Android app in Google Play: Bahrain Cinema (Text Mode)! Get it from Google Play below:

Get it on Google Play

The app will allow you to access Bahrain's cinemas listing and get you the movie's show time and synopsis. Currently only Bahrain Cinema Co. (Cineco) is supported. Show time data and synopsis obtained from the official Bahrain Cinema website.

More details here.

5 thoughts on “Bahrain Cinema (Text Mode) App Released”

  1. I tried to use this, but I just can’t use this UI. Especially the ad right in the middle of the display that flickers and disappears and bounces back in. If you need some help in the UI department, let me know, I can really help clean up your app’s UI. But as it is, it hurts my eyes to look at it. >.<

  2. Haha I suck at UI design unfortunately :-(.. Weird thing with the ad flickering, on the emulator and my phone the ad shows up a few seconds after the app loads right in the middle of the screen and stays there until the next ad refresh (30 seconds I believe). I was thinking of reversing the color scheme, black with white text instead. If you’re willing to help on UI let me know. I’ve got another app in mind that may require some UI suggestions 😛

  3. UI is my specialty. In fact, I plan on doing a master’s degree on UX (user experience). We should meet up and clean up the UI of your app and design something for your new app.

    And maybe you can help me get started on my first Android app. I’m actually in the middle of installing the Android SDK now. Haven’t used it yet, but I’ve been given a quick tour around Eclipse and the general concept of how to build an Android app.

    My Java is a little rusty! I’ve been using the .NET framework here at the office since I graduated. VB.NET for work stuff, but using C# for it’s C-styled (like Java) syntax for my personal stuff like my WP7 apps.

    What do you think of meeting up this Friday evening?

  4. Before Android, the last time I touched Java was back in “Design & Analysis of Algorithms”! Friday is a good day for me, just let me know when and where.

  5. That was an epic course. As for me, I messed around with Java a little just after I graduated, but didn’t really produce anything useful. Also, I’m a lot further ahead with my C# knowledge than I ever was with Java that I’m considering programming with Mono for Android, but not likely. It all depends on how comfortable I feel in Eclipse vs the mighty Visual Studio. Never thought I’d ever say this, but this is one Microsoft product YEARS ahead of all competition in every aspect.

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