Linode’s 9th Birthday Giveaway!

Linode (to me, the best VPS provider in the solar system) is going to be celebrating its 9th birthday on the 19th of June with a super giveaway! Yes, this is a party where you don't need to bring any presents, but get presents from the birthday boy (or company) themselves.

The giveaway is for all, new and existing customers and it is quite simple. According to their blog post if you are a new customer, signup for one of their amazing Xen VPS and you'll get $100 in credit. For existing customers it is even better ;-), add any VPS (aka Linode) or a NodeBalancer and you can get 3 months of service free! So it is possible to get a Linode 2048 (worth $79.95) for free during August, September and October!

Are there any catches? Yes of course. The party (giveaway) starts on Tuesday after 4 PM GMT (16:00 or 1340121600 in epoch) and there is $250,000 worth of services to be given away (live countdown on their home page). The good news is that you will know immediately if you are in or out through the "black box" on the signup page that will be updated in real time with the amount left.

So go ahead, give Linode a try for your hosting needs.

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