Hello EMF Pollution

Within the next few days I shall personally find out whether I have turned into a "little green man", start having migraines, nose bleeds (I never ever had a nose bleed!) or suffer from radiation poisoning. Why? I decided today to move the 23" LED monitor from my desktop PC (RDP FTW!) to right next to my laptop on my desk. Since this monitor also accepts audio through HDMI I dug some old speakers plus a subwoofer (Altec Lansing make pretty good speakers) to pump up the beats.

Doesn't look like there's too many electronic devices in my room right? Let's see… All of the above plus: 2 mobile and a cordless phone within arm's reach, 1 fully occupied power strip that can be felt when I stretch my leg, in the very likely event of falling to my right my head will be greeted by another power strip (hopefully it hits the empty side). On the small coffee table right in front of my desk is an electric razor that is constantly on its cleaning/charging dock (don't forget the alcoholic fumes that's released during cleaning). Under 2 meters away to my 11 o'clock is the TV, PS3, satellite set top box and a powerline networking switch (the interwebs through electricity, cause zapping is the new surfing). Oh and right above me, almost dangling, is a wireless 3G router. All of this crammed into a 6×5 meter room.

I wonder if the monitor and speakers turn out to be the tipping point for EMF pollution in my room…

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