Summer Updates

It has been quite some time since my last post (3 weeks or so) due to me being busy studying for some IT certifications (starting off with the basics with CompTIA's A+) and of course slacking on the blogging.

One big difference to all of us at the moment, or at least those in Bahrain is that the summer heat is starting to creep upon us. This was more evident when some of our ACs weren't upto speed and it took a few weeks from the time we called for maintenance to the time they came over (hint: service your ACs in winter).

I do have something that I never take advantage of in summer, a swimming pool at home. I believe I last swam in it last summer and only once! It's funny when you have something but you don't take advantage in using it, like a saying in Brazil (roughly translated): "Blacksmith's home, wooden spit" (spit as in the thing you stick through meat to BBQ). I know some people with club memberships that go to the pool every single day or those that visit the water park more than once a week.

Now for some site updates: I have removed the Chromium Portable page, a better project can be found in SourceForge under the Chromium Portable name (not mine). In the next few weeks I may add an Android section with apps I am working on, but this page will come up once I publish one of them. Finally I am thinking of including a sort of FAQ section. I noticed many search queries coming to my blog are in the form of questions, and the post taking visitors probably have the question somewhere within the post. So the sections may be: What is…? How to…? Where is…? and under each a bunch of questions and answers (Ctrl + F will be your friend :-P).

That's all for now, hopefully I will pull myself out of the daily routine and blog as often as before.

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