WinGrooves for Grooveshark

I love Grooveshark, and I'm pretty sure there are many out there that love it too. Ever since music services started restricting access to users outside of X or Y country or region (Pandora and for example), Grooveshark has become one of the best on demand music services.

One convenient feature of Grooveshark is their desktop application (also a selection of apps for other devices) so that you can listen to Grooveshark without having your browser open. It even supports shortcuts that you can use to forward, pause music etc… Unfortunately it is only available for premium users (Grooveshark Plus and Anywhere), which to me seems unfair for an application that simply wraps the Grooveshark site within an interface (powered by Adobe AIR). Though you can sometimes get a great offer on Grooveshark's premium plans, like this one from the past, I haven't seen one for quite some time.

This is where a nifty Windows application called WinGrooves comes into play. It is basically a wrapper for the Grooveshark website, but with the keyboard shortcuts. You can even mark songs you like or dislike so that Grooveshark can tailor its music library to your liking! Best part, it's free! If you don't feel like using Grooveshark's Adobe AIR app you can login with your premium Grooveshark through WinGrooves (since it is just a frame around the site) and enjoy the ad free interface.

So if you like Grooveshark and you're looking for a desktop application, WinGrooves is probably the best out there at the moment.


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