Linode’s Impressive Uptime

It has been more or less 6 months since I've moved this blog to a Linode VPS (512MB Xen in London) and I must say that I am quite impressed with its performance, uptime and most importantly support. Here is a breakdown of the uptime since I started (using Pingdom, checking every minute):

November 2011: 100%
December 2011: 99.99%
January 2012: 99.98%
February 2012: 100%
March 2012: 99.91% (migration downtime, read about it below)
April 2012: 100%

March had the worst uptime and this was due to a configuration I made that required a reboot (less than a minute down) and a migration of my Linode to another node (within the same DC).

The Linode migration process is quite simple. I basically received an email that said that the node I am currently on requires maintenance and there would be a scheduled migration in a week. Then you either have 2 options: wait for the migration or start it yourself. I opted for option 2. I logged in to the Linode manager and the big green box they use for important stuff explained the upcoming migration with the option to start it. A few clicks later the process started. They provide you with details of everything from shutdown to boot on the new node:

Shutdown: 14 seconds
Initial configuration: 1 second
Migrating disk: 9 minutes 59 seconds
Migrating swap: 9 seconds
Cleanup: 2 seconds
Boot: 24 seconds
Done! Total time: 10 minutes and 49 seconds

The VPS came up with no problems, the IP addresses remained the same (since this was within the same DC) and I even turned on IPv6 since it requires rebooting the VPS.

Linode may be expensive compared to other VPS providers ( starting from $19.95), but in my opinion they are worth it, and I recommend them if you need to host something that deserves excellent performance and uptime.

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