A Visit to the Dentist

Today, dentists are probably one of the most frequented doctors around. Whether it is for routine cleaning or an emergency (like breaking your tooth, or teeth), the dentist is there to assist.

Personally, I hate dentists. Note that I hate them as a profession, as people they are great (in fact there are a few dentists in the family). Why do I hate them? Not really sure, it must have been something that happened when I was a kid. I started going really early to the dentist, I believe my first visit was when I was around a year or so old. My pearly whites were perfect until my early teens when I got a cavity on one of my milk tooth. I believe the procedure to fill it was what resulted in my dislike of dentists. The anesthesia, the needle and that noisy little machine… After that milk tooth fell out my mother decided to keep it some place clear in sight so that I would remember to keep my teeth clean and not result in another nightmare.

My dentist of choice is in Brazil. The attention given is more personal, the technology is better and they've got my complete oral history. Since I used to visit Brazil every year, I had a checkup every year (I know they recommend every 6 months, but finding a dentist you like is difficult). Ever since my little cavity incident, these checkups resulted in a routine cleaning and I was done.

It was approaching almost 2 years since my last visit. I know too long. I have become so traumatized with the cavity incident that I never ever dare be the first to sit on the chair (since coincidentally I decided to be the first that time). I let my dad go first. Next it was my turn and I had never felt so anxious on the chair.

Being a family friend, the dentist and my mother would keep on chatting, so the time I sat to the point where the light shines into my mouth was long. Eventually there I was with a probe scraping, pulling and tugging at every crevice. I would usually get a thumbs up within a few minutes, but this time for some reason it was taking long. Then came the words I dreaded "hmm… there seems to be a little dark spot here…". My world had just turned upside down, my heart started beating quick as I felt the adrenaline rush through my body. A few more scrapes at that same spot, then came that pressurized air, some more pulling, then a bit of pressurized water and some more scraping. Then "oh it was just a stain, all ok!". I was back on earth and if it weren't for the probe and mirror still in my mouth I would have been showing the biggest smile ever! Another routine cleaning later and I was done!

And there you have my thoughts on a visit to the dentist. I wonder how many people fear the chair?

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  1. Hahah , i am afraid of them i go to health centers and once i thouhgt i am getting that nurse who is Wild and gets mad on simple things i got so nervous before my appointment time but then when nurse called me i realized my appointment was in other Room , the Joy i felt !

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