Greenisis Launch Packages

Greenisis have finally updated their website with their broadband packages. For those new, their are using “green” technology, specifically MBWA (or IEEE 802.20).

According to their Offerings page, they appear to have 2 speed tiers (1 Mbps and 2 Mbps download, 345 Kbps and 768 Kbps upload respectively) that offer unlimited downloads (not throttled per service like other unlimited ISPs). There isn’t much information on the devices themselves on Greenisis’ website, but the images match those manufactured by Kyocera. Here are the links to each respective device on Kyocera’s website:

Prices start at BD15 (1 year contract and device upfront payment) for 1Mbps. For 2 Mbps, BD40 (1 year contract plus device upfront payment). As far as the technology goes, it seems like it can reach up to 80 Mbps (according to the IEEE specs), although the devices seem to not go over 2Mbps.

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