Menatelecom: Complicated “Unlimited” menaHome Packages

A couple of days ago, I received an SMS on my phone from Menatelecom announcing their new menaHome (the residential tier of services) packages. According to the message, packages above 2Mbps are now unlimited (BD13 and above packages). I decided to take a look at their website (revamped lately). First thing I noticed is that they have definitely added more information (international rates, local rates, throttle speed etc…).

Now the bad thing is that it seems like they are offering more speed but the same data transfer for several packages (2 to 6Mbps). I wondered, why is there still a data transfer cap? The little star next to "Throttle Speed" mentions "Speed after download limit is reached". I thought it was unlimited. Heading to their Facebook page, they also mention unlimited:


The first reply was from someone also not understanding what they meant by unlimited when most packages still had a cap value on them. Menatelecom's Facebook representative then replies that it is "unlimited" browsing but basically everything else gets throttled:


I think Menatelecom did a bad move here, same cap more speed isn't the trend these days. Most people can stream stuff easily on 2Mbps and above connection, but that easily eats through your cap. I was hoping Menatelecom would be able to compete head-to-head with Viva's latest offering of doubling the caps. Let's see how things go when Greenisis is officially launched towards the end of the month.


6 thoughts on “Menatelecom: Complicated “Unlimited” menaHome Packages”

  1. Hi,
    I am thinking of migrating from Batelco to Menatelecom due to wiring problems, and I am curing about the 28BD Broadband Internet they advertise that is UNLIMITED without threshold!! I wonder how true is that? What do you think?

  2. Hello Alaa,

    I’m guessing you are thinking of getting either the MyKey or MyFi device that has “unlimited” at BD28. Note the quotes I put around the word :-P? Those come with a 70GB threshold before your speed gets capped at 1Mbps. I was on the MyFi a few months ago (BD28 “unlimited”) and I asked directly to the saleslady how much I could transfer before my speed went down. I wasn’t surprised when she replied “its either 70 or 80GB” (she wasn’t sure either).

    I believe the only 2 ISPs with truly unlimited in Bahrain are Zain (their [email protected] service) and Greenisis.

  3. Hi Elyas,
    Thanks for replying. I’ve checked Greenisis LOL funny name for an ISP and I believe their offers are great but not as great as Batelco’s; I am currently with Batelco on the 6MB/1MB package and it is like this: there is a threshold of 15GB then after it it is UNLIMITED 2MB and during weekends I get 6MB so that’s 8 days a month plus the first day in the month and all I pay is 28BD.
    But the problem is that the wire from the master socket that supplies the Internet to my library room socket transfers low speeds and cannot withstand the 6MB speed. I don’t know how true is that but that what the man from Batelco is saying and he suggested I rewire the whole thing and that is an impossibility for I’m moving out in two months. I’ll let a tech guy have a second opinion.
    People in the west have reached more than 30MB connections and we’re still with these lousy 0.5~18MB speeds that cost a fortune.

  4. What the Batelco technician said is true. Before moving from Batelco to Menatelecom many years ago, I was told that after an “update” with Batelco’s system I can no longer go over 2Mbps. After a bit of tinkering I managed to get a 4Mbps Batelco connection that would disconnect too often… This time they told me I was too far from the exchange and that I should probably stay under 2Mbps (or wait until they rewire from the exchange to my home). On this day I said bye to Batelco and hello to Mena that was offering a faster connection, more data transfer and most importantly stability.

    These days I have Mena at home (shared with the house) and my own Viva dongle (with the 120GB for 6 months for BD30/month offer :-P).

    People in the west have those speeds thanks to not only technology (fiber, bonding, cable etc…) but because of the content they consume, they need those speeds. Western Internet to me still looks good from the outside, once you start reading the fine print you see its not all fine and dandy (3 strikes you’re out, high overage charges, net neutrality etc…).

  5. I’m a speed addict 🙂 I’ll look into rewiring the house though it’s for two months. I’ve been with mena before and with Lightspeed both had problems with. I stayed mostly with Batelco because of their Internet cables and I need the ping thing to be at its lowest to play online. I consume more than 100GB a month and I want even more with the Unlimited 2MB threshold but I guess I have to pay for it.
    I guess you’re right about the west I hope in the country they stay as friendly as possible.

  6. I am here today to complain about MENA Telecom’s irresponsible marketing strategies. A small company that offers fast 4G Internet for a cheap price will never be able to sustain the network loads and will loose more in the long run than they will ever gain in terms of revenue. We will have a Light-Speed Communications, or MTC-Vodaphone scenario all over again, mark my words.

    I am on a 4G-LTE connection which used to give me near-flawless 1080p YouTube streams, smooth gameplay on both PC & PS3, as well as a good bandwidth limit that would suffice for more than a month’s use.

    BUT SADLY, I have come down from a peak of 42 Mb/s to a mere 15-21 Mb/s, and whilst the numbers are rough estimates for my unstable connection anyway, the usage experience I am getting from my connection now feels as if my bandwidth has been throttled down to a 2-5 Mb/s connection and as if my limit has reached the cap.

    … I cannot even watch a 720p clip on YouTube without it freezing, even if I pause it to buffer!
    The online gaming has become terribly annoying after spending so much money on soft/hard copies of games, DLC, and scheduling my time in order to be able to initiate a Gaming session, to only get disappointed by the lag & poor performance.

    Last night my signal power indicator was at 5 FULL DOTS if not at 4, which means that the signal is excellent. So I am even losing trust in any indicators as well.

    I am deeply saddenned:
    1- Because I am a loyal customer & I pay every bill on time.
    2- Because I expected an IMPROVEMENT in MENA Telecom’s services, to in the end suffer because of their incompetence. (greedily selling more connections to the masses on the account of the older subscribers)
    3- Because I spent so much money and time trying to reach the Global Gaming ranks, to only be hindered by a fake 4G-LTE connection, which in developed countries is of the fiber-optic calibre.


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