Anyone Fancy a Super Server?

One of the things I wish I could setup in my room is a server rack (42U ones of course!), fill it to the brink with servers and of course there is the switch and the good ol' "Linksys" for Internet (yes I'm serious with the Linksys!). Hardware wise, the servers would consist of a few cheap Atoms, more serious Xeons (aka Xenons) for some crunching power and a few mid end processors for misc. stuff maybe run an experimental Hadoop grid. A few gigs of RAM, regular SATAs for disks. Basically run stuff on a budget.

As a result of this dream, I sometimes scour eBay looking for servers etc… trying to get an estimate of how much my dream would cost. Here is one server I found, a super server basically. I can't see why someone would go for one of these overpowered beasts, but it must be pretty cool to run one! Main specs:

Brand/model: Dell Poweredge R910
Processor: 4 x Intel E7-4870 (each has 10 cores, so 40 cores!!!).
Memory: 2TBs of RAM!
Storage: 8 x 512GB SSDs (a total of 4TB of SSD!!!).
Size: 4U.

Everything else is what you would find on any other server: gig NICs, simple graphics, DVD drive etc…

All of this for a cool price of: $207,769 (add $195 for the rack rails :-P). Wonder if Aramex would be willing to ship it…

Original eBay listing.
Product details on seller's site in case you want to buy it.

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