Andrea Bocelli, Welcome to Bahrain!

By the time this gets posted, I am hopefully well on my way to Andrea Bocelli's first concert in Bahrain! Convinced to attend by my mother (a big fan) and I'm sure going to enjoy it. Getting the tickets (on day one) took some patience but it is going to be worth it.

The event is just one of many organized by Bahrain to promote culture and is part of the Spring of Culture lineup of events. Hoping for an enjoyable time to all, for this and other events :-)!

3 thoughts on “Andrea Bocelli, Welcome to Bahrain!”

  1. Great concert. The people loved him and Andrea Bocelli was kind enough to perform 3 extra songs in addition to the program. He thanked the audience saying that this was his first time in Bahrain and “you are a warm audience. The best in my worldwide concerts”. Add to this it was a full moon and a nice spring breeze. A romantic evening.

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