Checking Your Viva Broadband Balance

After Viva doubled the data transfer allowance for customers, I'm pretty sure there are many out there who want to know much they have used. The problem? They do send out an SMS to your device, but that is only after you transfer a certain amount (at 20GB, 30GB, 40GB used etc…). The Huawei software apparently seems to be configured for the prepaid version of the service. So if a post paid user checks their balance they would get:

This is where the magic of USSD codes come in :-)! All you need to do is modify a single file and you can start getting the software to show you your balance like so:

Note: This guide only works for the Huawei devices with the Windows interface below. However, if you can send USSD codes or find the config of other dongles/devices, the code for checking the balance is: *98888#

1. Remove "Read Only" from the following file by right clicking and visiting the properties:

C:\Program Files\VIVA Broadband\plugins\USSDUIPlugin\USSDPluginConfig.xml

C:\Program Files (x86) if you are on a 64-bit version of Windows.

2. Open up your text editor (Notepad or equivalent) and load the file above and look for the following sections related to balance:


<!-- The following four groups of functions,can show or hide,In the interface of the control order is here -->  
<!-- Balance inquiries?"true" is show,"false" is hide?pos sain the dispaly order of UI,0 at the top,follow-up with an inferior race -->
<item name="Balance" value="false" pos="0">
<!--USSD balance inquiry command length?"0" is not limit,Non-0 at least enter a few letters -->
<!--The following four groups of functions can be configured to hide and display, respectively,in the gui on the order of the configuretion from here-->  
<!-- Balance inquiries?"true" is Show,"false" is hide?pos interface shows the order of,0 is top,followed inorderof priority-->
<item name="Balance" value="true" pos="0">
<!--USSD balance inquiry command length?"0" is not limit,Non-0 at least enter a few letters-->
3. Change the code in those sections (bolded and enlarged above), *131# and *101# respectively to *98888# (in both just in case).
4. If the Viva software is running, exit and start it up again. Visit the "Recharge & Check Balance" section and you should get transfer details similar to this:
If you were not successful, make sure you have removed "Read Only" from the file's property and try opening up your text editor as an administrator (right click run as admin) and making the changes to the file.
Credits go to Viva's Twitter rep's tweet for the postpaid USSD code.
Happy downloading, and now, monitoring!


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