Viva Goes Double (and a Half)!

Good news to all Viva broadband users, postpaid and prepaid by the way! You will now get double (or half) extra data transfer for the same price for a limited, but generous, period of 6 months ;-). Postpaid users: if you were on the BD30 package (60GB) you will now be able to transfer 120GBs. Prepaid users: if you recharge with BD10 (7GB) you will now get 10.5GBs.

They also have a new broadband package for heavier users, for BD40 you will be able to transfer 100GB (or 200GB within this promo period).

Preparation for LTE (maybe load testing the network), or upping the competition before Greenisis? I don't care as long as they keep on increasing the caps! Let's see the other ISPs' move on this threat… Viva you may just have won me back (for good? let's see ;-)).

6 thoughts on “Viva Goes Double (and a Half)!”

  1. Yeah I just got this one the first! I was really excited to get this. However, they seem to be really throttling speeds all of the sudden. :-/

  2. I believe the throttling may be related to area. I live in a pretty remote area, so probably less people connected to the closest tower and get a minimum of 10Mbps. Then I went to Juffair in the evening and didn’t even get close to 2Mbps :-(…

    I believe they are experimenting and it will (hopefully) get better. Their LTE service is coming soon, they can’t risk throttling a potentially 100Mbps connection to sub 2Mbps!

  3. so i guess i should not change to viva broadband 😀

    i have tried batelco, mena and zain, cant say which one is worse than the other, because each is worse than the other :))

    i wonder what i should do

    if you get something good tell us know
    i’ll keep coming here :))

  4. Mohammed,

    I no longer recommend any ISP any Bahrain because, like you said, each is worst than the other.

    I used to recommend Menatelecom, they didn’t let me down until their signal went poof recently (issue still on going, they’re blaming on external parties).

    Viva was amazing! I had Internet just about anywhere and it was fast (average 15 Mbps in my area) and their double offer just added more value. However once you go over your limit you get capped at 512Kbps, then a few gigs (like 2 or 3) later it goes down to 128Kbps. That speed today is archaic…

    Zain, never used them personally. When I had a phone with them the signal was bad and customer support poor. Not sure how their WiMax is compared to their mobile services. With Mena having bad signal lately, I’m worried Zain gets affected since it is more or less the same technology.

    Batelco, probably the best IF you can get it. A few years back I had some problems when they were upgrading people’s speed. After a lot tinkering by their techs I was told that I can no longer go over 2Mbps due to all those factors that make DSL bad (distance, noise, wiring, weather).

    Newcomer Greenisis is a bit expensive for what you get. I guess it is taking advantage of the green tech niche.

    I wish the TRA was a bit more proactive rather than reactive in improving the quality of ISPs connections. Sort of make it compulsory to have a guaranteed speed by all ISPs across the country, and remove the caps (if Zain and Greenisis can offer unlimited, why not the others?).


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