Bahrain’s New “Green” ISP

Within the coming months Bahrain will have a new ISP joining the market. The company will be called Greenisis and they already have a website up (a teaser for now). They are joining the green technology marketing trend since they will be using low emission equipment (hopefully no compromise on quality). They are backed by a company known as Kleos that "is a Telecommunications Company specialized in designing, building and operating the world's most advanced wireless mobile broadband access networks" (Kleos home page).

"Greenisis" appears to be a trade name for the actual company that is running Greenisis: Bahrain Broadband Co. W.L.L. (according to its TRA licence info). The IP address running the Greenisis website belongs to Nuetel (AS35568), that also provides Internet to Amwaj, not sure how they are related though. Most importantly, if true, this means that Bahrain is one of the first countries running "green broadband" and the first in the region.

Fingers crossed for truly unlimited Internet like our neighboring countries ;-)!

GDN article about the launch.
ITP article about Bahrain Broadband's winning bid.

7 thoughts on “Bahrain’s New “Green” ISP”

  1. Oooooh really excited! Now this is a cause I’d LOVE to support! I can’t wait to see the result of this ISP. I will most likely be getting a connection from them (though not ditching old ISP yet) the moment I found out they have launched. Keep us (the readers) updated about the launch please! 😀

  2. I am living in Manama and upset from connections and internet operators. They promise something and deliver something else.
    Hopefully Greenisis will make the difference. In any case, it should be better than the existing operators. Waiting to see.

  3. hi, good to hear new move of IT telecommunication in Bahrain.
    btw where is their office and NOC.

  4. I believe their office is at the car park building. As for their NOC, it might be the same used by Nuetel, but I’m just assuming. Their site is hosted on Nuetel’s network. Still no idea on what their AS is (or will be).

  5. i am quite optimistic about greenisis, but it is weird that zain is offering truly unlimited broadband without FUP and other ISPs are not following suit.
    i mean, zain network is horrible, but why arent other companies offering a better competitive packages.

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