First Android App – Update 3 + App Idea

It has been a while since I've worked on my first Android app. The basic functionalities are working perfectly as expected. However, the provider I was using had some issues with their API, making my app useless for some time.

I hate it when something so tiny outside my control can mess an entire thing. As a result I am thinking of working on another app while my "first" app is on hold until issues are sorted. The app I had in mind is going to be much more complicated and I have set the deadline for the final finished app just before the Formula 1 weekend in Bahrain. I can release it any time, but a huge event that attracts tourists such as the F1 hopefully increase the odds of someone downloading ;-). The couple of apps similar to my idea on the Android store aren't working at all, so I jumping in to see if I can get a proper one out there.

This new app will be more than just programming. If it is how I envision, I will be working with photo/graphics editing software, taking UI design much more seriously and possibly work with API of external services. The challenge awaits, but the laziness awaits too!

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