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If you are a Menatelecom customer and have one of the regular MyFi pocket WiMAX devices (the Seowon Intech SWU-8000), you probably think it is featureless given it lacks many settings other routers have. Actually, the Menatelecom branding theme is what is hiding most of the extras! They have left the bare necessities to get any user up and running. The most complicated thing they have left are the port forwarding settings.

Now, what if you needed to enable UPnP to make applications port forward themselves? Or had to DMZ an IP address within your LAN? Setup QoS? Maybe even change the DHCP range the device gives out. These extras can't be found in the default layout. However, they did have a good reason to hide these extras. It is quite easy for an unfamiliar user to mess up the WiMAX settings for example, such as the username and password.

Here is what the UPnP enabling page looks like (notice the URL in the address bar):

Here is a list of some of the directories and pages (so to access). Note that not all of them work! I accept no responsibility if you mess up something, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

  • firewall
    • DMZ.asp
    • vpnpass.asp
    • port_filtering.asp
    • qos.asp
    • port_forward.asp
    • wpssystem_firewall.asp
    • ddns.asp
  • message
    • result_noreboot.asp
    • result_reboot.asp
    • result_choice_reboot.asp
  • internet
    • dhcpcliinfo.asp
    • lan_advanced.asp
    • lan.asp
    • lan_status.asp
  • wps
    • wps.asp
    • wps_inic_sta.asp
    • wps_inic.asp
  • wireless
    • wifi_access_info.asp
    • basic_settings.asp
    • stainfo.asp
    • security.asp
    • wifi_list_view.asp

The rest of the folders/pages I found too dangerous to add (such as the WiMAX settings). If you are planning on being adventurous, telnet to your router, the interface is served from the /etc_ro/web directory.


3 thoughts on “Menatelecom MyFi Hidden Pages”

  1. I have a near the same modem wimax with Wi-Fi form seowonintech
    I need to telnet the device i tried admin as username and password but always come back with
    Please enter correct username and password
    My ISP twisted the router Wimax and they give me down level user and password as
    and telnet not working with that user and password
    Is there any way to know the admin or telnet password?

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