Batelco Launches Prepaid DSL

Batelco has recently launched one of the firsts amongst DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) providers in Bahrain. Prepaid DSL, under the service name "Broadband for All". This is quite an interesting service, since it brings DSL to anyone that has a Batelco landline (which is going down due to mobile). DSL offers a better connection that wireless based services, so it does have that advantage. The disadvantage however is the speed (1Mbps), data transfer (1GB or 2GB), validity period (not much of a concern given the limit: 1 or 7 days) and cost (BD2 or BD4). Then there is the landline subscription fee (BD1.160). Total minimum cost virtually BD3.160 (assuming no calls are made).

Assuming Skype is used at the highest quality of 40Kbps for audio (assuming SILK codec used), that equates to 24 hours of calls using only 430MB. So it leaves some room to make some video calls as well.

The steps seem simple enough. Connect a DSL modem/router to your landline (of course they recommend their device ;-), the Batelco B-Box). Fire up your browser and I assume it will auto-redirect whatever page you load to their portal for you to top up, much like WiFi in cafes.

Vouchers are available from Batelco, agents and their QuickServe kiosk machines. I think I just may give them a try and relive the DSL days (assuming my lines can handle it :-P!).

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