Console or PC? I Prefer Console

This post will be less of a comparison but more of a personal opinion thing.

Today, if you are a gamer, you basically have two choices on your gaming platform. It's either a console, or a computer (most likely Windows). They both have pros and cons:

  • The PC can push graphics further and have more processing power than a console.
  • You can easily upgrade a PC's individual components instead of buying a newer generation console.
  • Downloadable games are more common on the PC platform compared to consoles (this trend is changing though).
  • A PC does much more than just play games, watch videos or operate as a media player.
  • MMOs are more common on PC, partially due to better hardware and the next point.
  • PC games are much easier to develop than consoles (Xbox an exception). You need thousands in proprietary hardware and software to develop a console game, that is if you get approved by the makers.
  • You don't need to worry about regional issues on a PC. You can play the European, American, Japanese or Klingon version of the game and it should work.

To many, a PC gaming rig is the way to go. To me however, it's the other way round. I prefer consoles. I've played console games from the ancient Sega and Nintendos that dominated the world, to the PlayStations and Xboxes and Wiis. I've also had my fair share of PC based games from flight sims, FPS, MMOs and more. Reasons I prefer consoles:

  • The hardware is standard. If the game isn't working you either have a faulty console or the game itself is broken. It's not the graphics card, hard disk, RAM, operating system, other applications hogging and all the millions of possibilities.
  • The game's requirements is standard (see above). You don't need to read the minimum requirements hoping the game works at its lowest settings, or upgrade your hardware to match the recommended requirements for the perfect game play.
  • Over the long run, consoles may be cheaper. After buying the console, you just need to buy games. No need to upgrade your hardware as games evolve.
  • If you are constantly going for the latest console, you will change your console on average every 6 years. Your old console will also probably last a couple of years longer, since developers don't suddenly stop making games.
  • Don't forget the console exclusives! Some games are released only on consoles (it can also be vice versa though).
  • Consoles can now push graphics good enough compared to a PC. Sure it might not be lifelike, but it's way better than previous generations of consoles.
  • A console is much more comfortable! Couch, chair, stretcher or even standing, thanks to the small controller (vs. keyboard and mouse)

There's my opinion on the whole console vs. PC debate. For now I will stick with my PS3 since my PC hardware is already outdated!

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