The Evolution of the Music Player

Today I decided to do a bit of spring cleaning in my room. I spent more time admiring stuff I have collected over the years rather than actually cleaning. I realized the little treasures I collected over the years and the evolution of my consumerism. Anyways, some of the stuff I found lying around included the collection of music players I bought over the years.

Diamond Multimedia PMP300

This was the first MP3 player I bought, back in what I believe was 1998 or 1999. I remember that day quite clearly. I was on a school field trip to an IT expo at the Bahrain Exhibition Center (I believe there was only 1 building back then). We were pretty much left to roam the place and I came across a booth selling audio stuff. The PMP300 by Diamond Multimedia caught my eye, I could now get a tiny piece of my MP3 collection (*cough*from Napster*cough*) in my ear buds. Right after school I begged and begged until my dad decided to come along with me (…and his wallet…). I was the proud owner of one of the first portable MP3 players! It had an amazing capacity of 32MB upgradeable of course with (expensive) memory cards. Oh and transfers were made over a parallel port, luckily they had one of those printer pass through adapters so you didn't have to sacrifice connectivity to your printer.


Creative ZEN Micro

The second music player (since it played more than just MP3s) I owned, the Creative ZEN Micro with a massive 5GB of space. I actually bought this one from Amazon in the US (thanks to Aramex's ShopAndShip service 😉 ). It had a plethora of features: radio, audio recorder, contacts, use as storage, LED lighting and more! The price was a fraction of the first gen iPod classic that was out, and it won features wise. It lasted quite some time and took a beating from my over excessive use. You could only hear a few clicks now and then as it spun its hard drive. Used it from 2005 until 2008.

Apple iPod Nano 3G

By 2008 Apple truly revolutionized the way we listen to music and the iPod became THE player to have. The third generation iPod Nano was the first Apple product I owned and could easily carry a good portion of my music with its 8GB capacity (solid state may I say). This was another Amazon shipment, and they went quite extreme in the packing. I opened a massive Amazon box only to find a tiny plastic box with the player and all cushioned in the middle. It didn't come with all the extras like the Zen Micro but it was still better in terms of build quality and play time. Used this one until 2010 before passing it on to my mother. It still works like it came out of the factory. I rarely used the video player through. Thank you Steve Jobs, you will truly be missed.

Apple iPod Nano 5G

This one is still in use since 2010 and was actually meant to be a gift to my mom (but she opted for my old Nano). The main reason I got it was because my collection was starting to grow and the 16GB was good enough. The iPod Touch was out, but it wasn't as portable as I liked it to be, even though it was an iPhone minus the phone. The fifth gen Nano came with a camera I used only once to test. I do use the pedometer quite often when I go out walking and I see no need to change it yet. Since I bought it just after the newer Nanos were announced, I got it at a nice price. I replaced the CD collection in my car with this little player and stop burning CDs all together. I hope I use it much longer that my previous iPod.

There you go, my collection of music (media) players. Here is a lineup from old to new in their full glory. I hope you enjoyed this little piece of my history :-)!

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