TRA Releases Market Indicators for 2011

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (aka TRA) of Bahrain has today released market indicators covering the period between the last quarter of 2010 to 2011. It is quite an interesting read, especially since it covers an important period of time in Bahrain. Some of the information that may be found in this report are: market trends, telecoms revenue, telecoms employment and overview of different services amongst others. It may be downloaded from the TRA's website here.

Here are some of the stuff I found interesting:

  • The mobile market provides 44% of market revenue. Followed by international calls (23%), Internet services are before last at only 13%.
  • The telecoms market represented 4.4% of GDP in 2010.
  • There are 2,600 direct jobs in the telecoms market (2010). I thought it was much more! I'm guessing outsourcing does not count since it might be a market of "services"?
  • By the end of 2011 there were 1.7 million mobile subscribers. That's 133% of penetration.
  • Due to Viva's calls offer, minutes increased by 86% in 2010.
  • Blackberry represents only 6% of the market. 99% of my friends and family are in these 6%….!
  • Broadband penetration in 2011 was 23%.
  • Mobile broadband consists of 44% of the broadband market.
  • A whopping 95% of households have broadband! The estimates of other countries for 2012 is: South Korea (97%), Netherlands (82%) and the US (77%).
  • 22,000 (22 thousand) numbers have been ported between providers since MNP (Mobile Number Portability) was launched in July 2011.

Much more can be found in the report. Get it here.

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