Linux Mint a Potential Keeper

On my quest to find a Linux OS good and friendly enough for me to use on a daily basis, I decided to revisit some of my previous installations. There were a few I knew I wouldn't want to try again such as Ubuntu (Unity just messed up my experience, my mother loves it for some reason…), Fedora (more of a dev Linux in terms of release) and CentOS (the closest to RHEL, but not really fitting for a laptop) just to name a few. I went back to Distrowatch to look over their list to see if I could find something else. I noticed Mint (or Linux Mint) was ranked at number 1 (at the time of writing). This must be something good I thought. I went on ahead and started the download of Linux Mint 12.

In the meantime I did some research. It uses Gnome 3 with an additional minty layer called MGSE (NOT THE GAME!): Mint Gnome Shell Extensions. If you happen to be one of those that just hate Gnome 3 regardless, there is an interface called MATE which is simply a fork of Gnome 2. It is still Ubuntu on the inside so you have the usual pre-installed to get you going. Drivers for my wireless card also worked, just like Ubuntu, out-of-the-box. A complete list of new features in Mint 12 is here.

If you are looking for a new Linux distro to try that is user friendly (to you and others) I highly recommend Mint! For now it seems like I may have found the OS to replace Windows on my laptop :-)!

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  1. Your mother is right. It takes a bit of getting used to bet try again and you’ll soon want to give up on fussy old Gnome. Sometimes the older mind like mine finds it easier to learn.

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